Wagering requirements

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With all the fun and excitement attached to playing at a casino online players still have to factor in how much they need to play-out at an online casino to become eligible for cash out withdrawal.

For instance did you know some casinos have a 40x wagering requirement before you can withdraw at a casino? Confused to what that means? – In simple terms it means that you must play at minimum 40x the bonus given to you or the deposit you put down. It’s pretty steep when you think about it. If you wager $100 at a casino that requires a 40x wagering requirement on your deposit this means you need to play-out 40 x $100 = $4000 and if this is your first time playing at an online casino you’ll run through that bonus+deposit very quickly unless you’ve been playing at casinos for sometime.

For first time players you really are better off going for lower wagering requirements, this will give you better odds at making an extra $100 on top of what you deposit. For highrollers bigger bonuses will always be a more attractive offer! However if your starting out you’d be wise to stick to the smaller wagering requirements of online casinos and making deposits of up to $25-$50 at a time.

  • Average wagering requirement is 25x your deposit or 25x the bonus offer
  • Betting $25-$50 means a lower amount you need to wager.
  • Betting $100 and over will mean a much larger wagering requirement.

I’m a first time casino player! What should I deposit?

If you’ve never gambled before you should really get familiar with the types of games available and practice before you make a real deposit at any online casino.

If you do decide to make your first deposit, then make it a minimum deposit ie: $25 or $50. This ensures that the first time you play you aren’t risking too much of your money, this also means when it comes to cashing out you don’t need to gamble as much (25x $25 deposit = $625 that you must play-through and in the scheme of things that’s very easily won at online casinos)

Wait…..$625 – you mean I have to spend that much!!!!!! NO, don’t be alarmed by that figure – you still only put down $25 deposit the wagering requirement just means you need to take a gamble and show the casino you can better them and keep playing and winning on the tables until you’ve reached the minimum wagering requirement.

If you’ve got the skills – take the punt.

Skilled casino players will always take the best percentage bonus so that they get more money to gamble with, however this also means there will be a higher wagering requirement – so if it’s your first time it’s not really recommended unless you know what your doing.

  • You should always check the casinos terms and conditions, and when in doubt ask their live help.

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